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Not Alone Team, works hard to help and support the most vulnerable in our community <3

Image by Zac Durant



This is not just a word we use but a description of how we treat those we work so hard to help. They are our neighbours and our equals. We work to establish trust and learn who they are and their stories in as much detail as they feel comfortable giving. This does not happen in one meeting. It's a relationship that we build naturally using mutual respect as a foundation.



Image by Matt Collamer
Image by Giovanni Randisi



We will help those in need find support services to assist them whenever possible including but not limited to housing or other emergency services. We are dedicated to stepping up efforts in advocating for the well-being, safety, and fair treatment of our homeless and/or vulnerable population.



We distribute items such as sleeping bags, tents, blankets and tarps to try to help our homeless friends stay as comfortable as possible.  We provide hygeine supplies when requested and if possible additional items such as cell phones, body warmers, outerwear, foot wear and clothing. Gift cards in small denominations for places like Tim Hortons are always a nice treat to give out so they can escape the elements briefly and enjoy a beverage or snack.

Image by Hanny Naibaho
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