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Not Alone Team - Quinte is constantly adapting to the growing and changing needs in our community. We work alongside other organizations to fill in any gaps in services being provided. Learn more about what we do, who we help, and how we work every day to promote positive change.


Confidentiality Guaranteed

The purpose of this program is to assist pet owners who are homeless, precariously housed, couch surfing or at risk of becoming homeless;  find safe, reliable and temporary care of their pets so they access services, attend meetings or look for housing without fear of having to permanently surrender their beloved animal(s).

At this Time there is No Available Fosters

Unfortunately due to our housing crisis,

any new applications will go on a waiting list, until foster homes become available or new foster homes are found.

What We Provide!

* A safe loving home, while our clients get back on their feet. 

*All costs related to the pet in foster, including food and some vet bills if needed.

*Photos from the fosters, until the pets are back at home . 

* A contract that is put in place to protect both the foster and client. 

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