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Woman holding a box of clothes for donation

Your Donation's

Your support has the power to transform lives of the  people, including seniors, families and entire communities. See how your donation can changes lives.

How We Use, Our Donations

"You will never regret being good to others, during their time of need."


Meal Program 

$25 donation could help feed a family!

$25 can provide snacks for school!

$10 Can get someone a meal 

$100 can fill a fridge with food\

$500 donation can help our origination get a commercial kitchen


Animal Foster Program

$25 donation can provide food for a pet 

$100 donation can help provide vet care for an animal in foster 



$5 can provide a snack and a hot beverage to our homeless

$10 can provide a meal for one of our homeless

$50 can provide a sleeping bag to one of our homeless


Christmas Program 

$25 can provide a stocking and help fill it

$100 can provide Christmas gifts for a child

$50 can provide a Christmas Meal for a family



$10 Can provide snacks to a student

$20 can buy supplies for a student

$50 can get a back pack and help fill it

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Administration Costs

$120 monthly Storage unit

$100 monthly web and program costs

$200 monthly gas and travel cost 

$55,000 estimated cost for new commercial kitchen

$1000 estimated  lawyer costs to become Charitable 

Please remember you can state where you would like to see your money go. \

The donation costs are estimated and our subject to change, but we will always provide a non-taxable receipt.

We currently are looking into becoming a Charitable organization.

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