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Tiny Shelters

For the reduction of homeless and the sake of humanity, Not Alone Team is pleased to announce the roll out of our Tiny Shelters Initiative. Phase One, a plan for ten homes, is underway with the ambitious deadline to get ten people housed in the NAT-TS by December 21st, 2022.

‘ I lost my job then house once EI ran out. I couldn't get back on my feet. No one will rent to someone on OW and no one will hire someone homeless.’

‘ I am not a junkie I just fell on hard times and my mental health is getting the best of me ’
‘ No. I’m losing hope… hopefully I will have a place before I go to the pearly white gates ’
If you would like to donate towards the Tiny Shelters Project, please click here to reach our donation page.

Please add a comment in the donation page specifying the Tiny Homes Project for your donation.

If you are interested in making a larger donation please contact us privately, here.

Thank you for your support.


As of April 2021, 180 homeless people in Belleville, and 72 of them said that they were homeless for more than a year.  72.8% of respondents had lived within the city of Belleville prior to becoming homeless and 12.3% coming from Trenton and 4% coming from the county and other surrounding towns.


75.3% self-reporting a mental or physical disability and 67.9% being registered on the Ontario Disability Support Program, which requires a formal medical review.            

Tiny Shelters will be similar to projects in Kingston, Hamilton and

Kitchener-Waterloo so we have a proven method to address this.


Phase One Is 10 Homes, What Could Phase Two Be With Your Help?

 If a tiny home was available, 93.8% of respondents said they would be interested in it. Almost all were willing to contribute towards our success with 98.8% willing to do volunteer work on site, and 96.3% willing to pay from their OW/ODSP allowance to cover their program fee.

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